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 Dr. Mak Ting Sum - Treating from far away

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Dr. Mak Ting Sum - Treating from far away Empty
PostSubject: Dr. Mak Ting Sum - Treating from far away   Dr. Mak Ting Sum - Treating from far away I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 10, 2010 11:39 pm

For centuries human endeavor has been directed towards finding cures for various ailments that afflict human body. Readers must be familiar with prominent systems of medicines and therapies like allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, etc. Of late many other systems have come into vogue, as research makes progress we hear of laser treatment, cobalt ray treatment for chronic and dreaded diseases like cancer. But, in all these methods, the doctor examines the patient and prescribes treatment. Here is a case of a doctor, who treats patients of far off places like England, Australia, Nigeria sitting in his home at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. his method can be termed as "Thought Conduction". He revives and energizes the cells of his patients with new life by simply sending waves of his mental energy. How he is able to accomplish this, is a mystery.

He is not a doctor and has not studied in any medical institution. Yet, he has been able to cure some people of incurable diseases by simply sending 'mental waves' and praying for them. Dr. Mak Ting Sum, a Chinese living in Kuala Lumpur, has done his doctorate in law in 1939 from Temple Bar of Seattle in America. Another diploma that he has, is of American College of Minotheraphy. It was only after years, when his fame spread far and wide, that he passed the examinations conducted by European Federation of Naturopaths (London) and International Federation of Psychologists and Hypno-therapists.

He himself admits, "I have no degree in medicine, nor I am well versed in hypnotism. I only attempt to cure people by 'thought conduction'. I only take up cases in which the doctors have utterly failed. I also do not treat more than ten person at a time." You must have been reading, now and then, of miraculous cures and may have come across cases when the doctors have revived dying patients and given them new lease of life. But, in all treatments, it is necessary for the patient and doctor to be face to face with each other. The present story is about a miracle doctor, who provides treatment to people whom he does not even see. Such doctor is a 75-year-old lean and thin Chinese who has been treating his patients for last forty years by 'thought conduction'. He treats them sitting thousands of miles away. his patients are scattered in England, Australia, Nigeria and many other places. Dr. Mak Ting Sum gets up at midnight, washes himself and goes into another room. There heists behind an old table. Sitting there, he treats his patients for two or three hours in an amazing way.

The method of his treatment is called extended-sensory-power from a distance. He is quite successful in his method. Dr. Sum has to say this regarding his extraordinary way of treatment: "My mind is absolutely calm at that time. For 15 minutes. I repeat the name of a patient and pray for his health and cure. Nothing else enters my mind during these 15 minutes. This is my method. After praying for 8 to 10 patients, I go to sleep."

Dr. Sum believes that this state of deep meditation, his 'mental energy' activates the cells of the body o his patient and fills him with new energy. The dead cells of the patient are revived and he is cured. Hundreds of patients have taken advantage of this unusual therapy of Dr. Sum and are grateful to him for their cure and new life. A patient, Mrs. Lucy Brown of Derby shire (England), wrote to him, "You have given me comfort by curing me of my ailments. I have never felt so healthy in my life."

Dr. Sum started treating people through 'thought conduction' in 1956. His first patient was a poor woman of Australia. She had bone cancer. It was beyond her means to undertake the expensive treatment, as such she wrote to Dr. Sum requested him to treat her. Thus, started the remarkable career of Dr. Sum. Within two months, the patient's son, Raff Merar, was happy to write to Dr. Sum: "The conditionof my mother has improved a lot. She feels healthier. The early symptoms of cancer have disappeared." He requested Dr. Sum to continue his theraphy so that his mother fully recovers from the dreaded diseases.

The success boosted his morale. He now had full confidence in this 'faith theraphy'. He was successful in curing many chronic cases. Another patient, Mrs. Margaret Sa of Essen, Nigeria, Wrote, "Your thought conduction theraphy has completely cured me of rheumatism and nervous tensions. I now feell perfectly healthy."

Dr. Sum never meets his patients personally, nor does he accept any fees or gift. He believes that his unusual powers are just miracle of the nature and as such this god given gift should be used to serve the mankind. Dr. Sum sends a 'Psycho-Ray Badge' to his patient before undertaking his treatment. He informs him regarding the time and day on which he would pray for him. The patient has to keep this badge near him at that time and also pray for his own health and cure. The 'thought energy' of Dr. Sum activates him at that time and he gets better in 2-4 sittings. Dr. Sum has given new life to hundreds of patients who had lost all hopes. How that has been accomplished shall remain a riddle to science
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Dr. Mak Ting Sum - Treating from far away
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