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 Omen of a BLACK CAT

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PostSubject: Omen of a BLACK CAT   Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:44 am

A “black cat is regarded as unlucky”. Superstitions of the black cat are still widespread. The actions of a black cat at various times and occasions have significant meanings.

The omens do not apply to domesticated cats.

It is believed that black cats are witches disguise according to a medieval book titled BEWARE OF THE CAT (1584). The book says that killing the cat does not necessarily mean killing the witch, for a witch like the cat has nine lives.

Not only in Philippines and India but also in other countries of the world, the cat is regarded as unlucky. For instance in Anatolia, it is believed that the greatest misfortune will befall a dead person if a cat jumps or over upon his coffin, the body will not decompose and the deceased person will not go to heaven. According to Cornelius Agrippa, in Salvonia, women believe that they can compel a man to fall in love with them if they can persuade him to eat the beast of a black cat killed on New Moon night. Sir J.G. Frazes cites many instances of the costums in Continental Europe, one of which is burning a sackful of cats during Easter, or mid-summer.

1. If a cat cuts across in front of a man while he is leaving for work, it indicates hindrances or fruitless results in his work.
2. If a cat mews without having a piece of food in its mouth when a man sets out on a journey, it is inauspicious.
3. A cat crossing the road from any side during the course of a journey is inauspicious.
4. When a person, proceeding on a journey, sees a cat on the left side of the road, it is auspicious.
5. When a cat, having a piece of food in its mouth, mews at the time of commencement of journey, it is auspicious.
6. A cat falling on a sleeping person is inauspicious and indicates his death or some disease.
7. If a cat sniffs the feet, it is bad.

Note: For record purposes only. (Always visit for update)
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Omen of a BLACK CAT
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