Nihil est tam occultum qoud non sit detegendum...
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 Health & Numerology

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PostSubject: Health & Numerology   Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:35 pm

1. Heart related problems; high blood pressure, trouble with eyes
2. Stomach; digestive organs, nervousness, infections
3. Over strain of nervous system, neuritis, skin trouble, arthritis, heart problems
4. Mysterious ailments, melancholia, anemia, pains of head & back
5. Neuritis, insomnia (get adequate sleep), bad cold, flue, akin troubles
6. Nose, throat, lungs, heart problems (later years) advise to live in open country
7. Stronger mentally than physically, skin perspiration, indigestion
8. Weak liver & intestine, headaches, rheumatism
9. Measles, chickenpox (avoid rich food & alcohol)
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Health & Numerology
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